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   International Conferences on Social Representations

It is an important international event created and generated by the European Laboratory of social psychology. It results in the world gathering of researchers and of students working in the field of the social representations and it has been held each two years in a different continent for now ten years. The first Conference was taken place in Ravello (Italy) in 1992 and have to him to succeed thereafter: Rio de Janeiro, 1994; Aix-en-Provence, 1996; Mexico City, 1998; Montreal, 2000; Stirling, 2002; At the last conference which was taken place in Guadalajara (Mexico) last year, more than 400 researchers of the whole world made act of presence and participation. The next international conference will be organised in Bali (Indonesia) from the 30th june to 5th july 2008.


 IXe International Conference on Social Representations (Bali, Indonesia, 30th june - 5th july 2008)

 VIIIe International Conference on Social Representations (Rome, Italy, 28th august - 1st september 2006)

The main theme of this conference was: "Social representations: Media and Society".

The conference in itself represents a scientific event of the planned activities of the So.Re.Com. THEmatic NETwork. It will be not only an occasion of encounter of the various partners in the projects, but also an opportunity for presenting and disseminating in the wider scientific community the multimedia scientific products (such as the transformation of the web site of the European Ph.D. into a Portal for the entire scientific domain) realised in the first and half year of the programme. In addition, the 8th International Conference was fully integrated and followed by the 12th International Summer School on Social Representations and Communication (VI European PhD on Social Representations and Communication International Lab Meetings) (28th August 6th September) reserved to a restricted number of selected doctoral trainees and experienced researchers.

 Ve International Workshop & IIIe Brazilian Conference on Social Representations

The International Workshop on Social Representations took place for the first time in 1998, in the city of Natal, in north-eastem Brazil, bringing together researchers and students from several parts of the country as weil as from France, Great Britain, Portugal, Switzerland, Cuba and Venezuela, around the central theme of "theory and fields of application". Three years later, the event moved south to the city of Florianôpolis, again with the presence of participants from Europe and other countries of latin America, and its central theme was "methodological questions". As it was decided that this international Brazilian event and the International Conference on Social Representations would take place on alternating years, the next Workshop will take place in 2007. While maintaining its international vocation, the event is now assuming more explicitly ifs basic national identity, in terms of permanent hosting and sponsoring, by inaugurating a companion series of Brazilian Conferences on Social Representations. Continuing its way through the regions of the country, the Ve Workshop will now be in Brazilia from 31th July to 3th August 2007, with a new concern or challenge -"the interdisciplinarity and the diversity of paradigms" -as its central theme.