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Balzan research activities


Serge Moscovici was among the four prize winners of the Balzan Awards 2003 for his oeuvre in social psychology. According to Fondation's media release, "Serge Moscovici's works are characterized by their great novelty: they have overthrown the canonical paradigms of the discipline, renewed its methods of research and its orientations, and created a European tradition in social psychology whose originality is recognized everywhere. In the sciences of man and society, Serge Moscovici is in the position of eminence, which, until the end of the 1960s, was held by Jean Piaget."

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 Research projects supported by Serge Moscovici's fund

- The research projects that Serge Moscovici is realizing with second half of the Price Balzan 2003 for social psychology will have beneficial effects on social psychology at the international level. To carry them out, the Balzan prize winner brought together colleagues and young researchers of all the countries already related to the European Laboratory of social psychology, whose seat is in Paris. The European Laboratory of social psychology, created it there has thirty years within the framework of the House of the social sciences, is an international network conceived to support and coordinate the activities of the multiple groups of research in social psychology. To this end it deals with ensuring of the regular contacts between researchers around topics related on the problems, concerns and the transformations of the contemporary European societies, to stimulate the exchanges in the field of the psychosocial analysis, to develop joint research, to analyze the results obtained in the field of the theory of the social representations, to take part in the organization of international meetings. Its activities include also the publication of articles and books treating of various theoretical and social questions. In collaboration with Serge Moscovici, of the researchers related to the European Laboratory of social psychology, continue and complete stopped investigations or settings temporarily on side for lack of financing.

Research project announcement (pdf in french, 43kb)


- THE MEDITERRANEAN CENTER FOR THE STUDY OF SOCIAL REPRESENTATIONS (2005) (pdf in french, 80kb) (inauguration announce, pdf 224kb)

With the initiative of Ida Galli (University Federico II of Naples), within the framework of the City of sciences of Naples, this Center will have like objective to coordinate research in social psychology in the countries of South and Mediterranean Europe.


Under the direction of Risa Permanadeli (Universitas Katolik Atmajaya Jakarta, Indonesia, Ganeca Foundation) this Center based in Djakarta (Indonesia) should make it possible to animate the scientific networks on social representations with the countries of the Southeast Asia.


- The social representation of marxism
Coordinators :
Serge Moscovici (MSH) and Denise Jodelet (EHESS)
Topic :
One of these studies is focalised on the social representation of Marxism. Serge Moscovici had started the study on the diffusion of the Marxism approximately twenty years ago. Thanks to second half of the Balzan Price, these research materials were taken again, and the prize winner, with the collaboration of Denise Jodelet, Professor at the Ecole des hautes études en sciences sociales, is continuing this analysis.

- An exemplary ethnic minority: the case of Gypsies
Coordinators : Juan Antonio Pérez (University of Valencia) and Nikos Kalampalikis (University Lumière Lyon 2)
Topic :
The problem of the ethnic minorities which seek to express their identity, with becoming actors of their destiny, worries the researchers of various countries and draws the attention of the international institutions. Another investigation started by Serge Moscovici relates to a culturally enracinée and wandering ethnic minority, Gitans. Juan Pérez, ordinary professor at the university of Valencia, and Nikos Kalampalikis, lecturer at the university of Lyon, collected 1400 questionnaires in seven European countries. The materials are being elaborate.

- A comparison, but on a more modest scale, a similar study was undertaken with regard to the Indians by professor Campos in Brazil.

Moreover, Serge Moscovici plans to finance with the second part of the Balzan Price:

  • studies on the representations of Alter- mondialism. The group of young researchers will be animated by professor Jean-Claude Albric d' Aix-en-Provence;
  • a joint psychosocial research on the rights of the child led to Bologna by professors Francesca Emiliani and Luisa Molinari;
  • a study of psychology of the health carried out by professor Sylvia Valencia to Guadalajara, Mexico;
  • a modest part of the work of filing of professor Lavinia Betea, lecturer to the political Faculty of Science at the University of Bucharest which works on psycho-biographies of leaders of the Rumanian Communist Party. It already published that of Gehorgiu-Dej, first secretary of the Rumanian Communist Party after the war;
  • a fellowship of PhD for one year with Luciana Baut which is preparing, under the direction of B. Orfali, lecturer in Paris-Sorbonne, a thesis of doctorate of social psychology on "the representations of European construction. Between the Central Europe and Eastern Europe ".

The financing of the Balzan Foundation is an occasion of professional and intellectual growth for the young researchers engaged in the various courses of research and makes it possible at the same time to better understand certain psychosocial problems.